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I am a life coach, with a particular interest in … well … what?

I am trying to think what characterises my clients  – someone whose partner left suddenly and is struggling with the shock; someone who wants help with difficult conversations at work; someone who isn’t sure if he has too few or too many career options; someone who wants to find a way to balance four jobs; someone who loves her boyfriend but also finds him impossible; someone who wants to know how to talk to her son about moving out without hurting his feelings; someone who wants to aim high but fear of failure keeps getting in the way.   People, in other words, with queries, quandaries and problems that are taking up too much of their brain space and that they want to get sorted.

Many people, myself included, find themselves caught up in this place where they know they aren’t functioning as they’d like, travelling in circles, certain there must be something they can do about it, but not sure what it is. You are my perfect clients.

Penelope is incredible at helping to separate the wheat from the chaff. By relentlessly and razor sharply recounting my words, she helps me understand how other people hear my thoughts and consequently helps me to take responsibility in articulating my wants and setting my own goals.


I highly recommended Penny’s coaching. I have seen a number of coaches in the past, and kept going back because I wasn’t seeing improvements in myself. Penny works on the assumption that you won’t need to keep coming forever, and that’s very refreshing.

Penelope is a warm and engaging person, who is interested in people, she demonstrates her commitment to working with her client to achieve their goals. As a coach is supportive and is able to keep the work on track to make the sessions valuable.

She has been brilliant. I was in a complete muddle in February and even after a couple of sessions I had things well on the way to getting sorted both emotionally and practically. Now when I want to write a letter to the ex I always run it past her first. Her background in mediation is really helpful.