What I admire about Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been in office for a hundred days, and don’t we know it?  The Muslim ban, the wall, the over promotion of his family, the reliance of the detestable Bannon, Spicer (the PR guy who’s responsible for more PR cock-ups than the brand he’s supposed to be protecting), it’s been aired to death. The other message that’s getting a lot of traction is Trump's admission that the job is a lot harder than he expected.  It’s laughable, isn’t it?  What was it about the job title, President of the USA, Commander in Chief, Leader of a Global Superpower, that made it sound easy? And yet, there’s something in the unguarded naivety of this remark that is rather wonderful.  Sometimes jobs aren’t easy; new jobs hardly ever are.  Jobs change, become harder than they were before, sometimes we find ourselves required to do something so hard we either have to learn incredibly quickly, fake it until we’re rumbled, or admit we need help. It’s difficult [...]