My perverse attitude to home decoration

It's Easter, so I, along with half the nation, am indulging in a spot of home decoration.  I'm painting the bathroom, (after removing the swollen MDF bath panel and manky floor tiles), and my son's bedroom, (after peeling off the blue tac zits). When I said indulging, I meant it.  I love this job. I like choosing colours, (a pale blue called Gauze in the bathroom, and quite a bright green in the boy's [...]


How to make ringing the insurance company really fun

I have been meaning to ring the insurance company for weeks.  I know, that's possibly the least inspiring first line in the history of writing, let along blogging, but there's no other way to start. It kept reappearing on my list, moving up and down it, never getting crossed out, never not needing to be done.  Why was I delaying?  Because of the tedium of it, because of the time it would take, because [...]