How to make triangles round

I’m still talking about my bathroom.  Having got really fed up with John Lewis’s surprisingly chaotic attempts to centralise its flooring service, I mugged them off (please John Lewis, pull yourself together, your country needs you to stay stable in these uncertain times) and ordered a roll of vinyl direct from the internet.  I found a number for someone who could fit it and the guy came round to see if he could help. [...]


Why is that boy wearing my jacket?

One of the many blessings of painting a room is you get to hear a programme on radio 4 from beginning to end (and for those that read the previous post, I overran my timetable, it was a much bigger job than I expected).  On Sunday I listened to something about humiliation.  It told the story of a boy who grew up poor.  His mum had found a fabulous jacket in a jumble sale, [...]