Are you ready? 2018-03-25T13:39:59+00:00

Are you ready…

  • … to reflect on patterns, and beliefs that are so habitual you don’t notice them?

  • … to set yourself some challenges in terms of thinking and doing?

  • … to investigate what you want from the rest of your life?

  • … to look at what your other options might be?

  • … to commit an hour a fortnight over the next 12 weeks to looking after yourself?

  • … to listen to yourself, deeply?

  • … to find the questions and find some answers?

  • … to be amazed that what seemed such a mess can turn out to be quite simple?

  • … to find new ways to talk to your partner and children so they can hear you?

  • … to do things differently?

  • … to make a commitment to yourself?

  • … to take steps in your life you’ve been putting off for years?

  • … to be honest, really and truly?

To be perfectly honest, I’ve always been fairly skeptical of the brand of ‘Life Coaching’. I needn’t have been. Penelope’s attention to detail, honesty and diligent approach has made me a total convert to the process.


Penelope’s ability to navigate entrenched and sensitive issues whilst maintaining focus on resolution proved invaluable.

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