Bouncing on a Concrete Airbed

I popped into the Rachel Whiteread exhibition at Tate Britain yesterday morning.  I'm fascinated by her stuff - the back to front of a fireplace, the inside of a school desk, the wrong side of a window, the invisible middle of a hot water bottle made out of concrete and resin.  I'm no art critic but what happens to me when I see these sculptures is not unlike the fascination I feel at miniature villages and dolls' houses.  It's the surprise that a change of scale brings, and the swapping of the ethereal with the solid.  It's the same delight I feel when something you expect to be constructed of one thing - wool, say, or stone - is offered in steel, say, or fur. The object in this exhibition that delighted me the most was the airbed.  Here it is:   Expecting something to be soft and comforting only to find it cold and unyielding will be a nasty surprise, but it's the kind [...]