How it cost me £480 to edit one page of my website and even that was a bit rubbish

I have just spent a whole day on my website.  It’s run by WordPress, as you can probably see, and yes, it’s not finished.  It’s not just the whole day I’ve spent on it, it’s the … let me see … four and a half months I have spent finding all sorts of imaginative ways to avoid doing it.  So, if I charge £60 an hour for my time, (more for commercial mediation) that’s at least £480 it’s cost me in what I haven’t earned, and that doesn’t take account of the wear and tear on my endocrine system.

I can guess what you’re thinking.  Get an expert.  It’s a no brainer.  Someone who knows what they’re doing could have sorted this for me in less than fifteen minutes.  In fact, I had some coaching on this a couple of months back, during a training weekend, and the coach was itching to tell me who he’d recommend.  It’s obvious I could get an expert, they’re easy to find.  The point is there is a reason I had not, and that was the question the coach could have invited me to explore.

Lots of reasons:

1  I did a WordPress course in December and want to get my money’s worth

2  I like to do things for myself, even if it means an age before I get around to it

3  the satisfaction from learning something new

4  I have a sneaky feeling it’s not as hard as it looks

5  …

These reasons boil down to values, nuggets of gold that a coach will help you dig out.  My values, in this context, are autonomy, flexibility, creativity, learning, and control and they weigh heavier, in this situation, than financial efficiency, speed, and getting a really professional result.  Sorry, that last one doesn’t sound like a value in itself, more like a marketing promise.

I haven’t done as much on the website today as I’d have liked, but I’ve quite enjoyed it.  I’ve learned a lot through getting it wrong, and I’m feeling kind of proud in a way that paying for IT help would not have delivered.

The coach learning; the client has all the answers; the coach’s job is to give them the time and the space (and the challenging questions) to find them.

Post script:  I wrote this post last July. I built the bare bones of a site I felt okay about for a few weeks.  Then I found