How to make ringing the insurance company really fun

I have been meaning to ring the insurance company for weeks.  I know, that’s possibly the least inspiring first line in the history of writing, let along blogging, but there’s no other way to start.

It kept reappearing on my list, moving up and down it, never getting crossed out, never not needing to be done.  Why was I delaying?  Because of the tedium of it, because of the time it would take, because it was about bad things happening, but mostly because I had a number of questions and problems and couldn’t see how on earth they were going to get sorted.

There was a question over the premium – I had a sense, not much more than a hunch, that they’d added something I might not want; did I, or didn’t I need the extra cover; how was I supposed to find out?  On top of that someone had told me to ask a couple of questions that I sensed were important but didn’t really understand.  There, you see, all the ingredients of a piece of work you put off until you die.

Then, this afternoon, some 6 or 7 weeks after the problem first appeared on my list, I dialed the number. Forlorn and hopeless, I wasn’t expecting anything except frustration that I’d end up feeling even worse about this task than I already did.

A guy called Ethan answered.  I explained the problem.  He didn’t get it at first.  He spoke to someone else in his team who also didn’t get it.  Then I explained again.  Then he got it.  Then he agreed I was right, then he emailed me to say so and sent and instruction to his payment team.  I asked him the other questions.  He didn’t know the answer but he gave me an email address of the person I should ask.  I’ve just sent the email.  Yeah, I know, it’s not completely off my desk now but it’s on the way.  And the best thing about it is that, just asking someone to look through it with me, having a go and sorting it out, in the end, has really helped.  I can’t cross the problem off my list completely, but I’ve done all I can about it for now.

If you’ve got something that’s circling round and round and won’t leave the list, you could ring me to see if I can help you jog it into a straighter line.  I’ll give you a free sample session, and from there you can decide if you’d like to talk about it a bit more, or bring some of your other knots along too.  Other people’s insurance conundrums are a lot less stressful than your own.