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Even after the first session with Penelope I felt like I had gained some order and control back in my life. I had just been through a dreadful divorce which had traumatised my two teenagers and myself. Every session with her has been unique and always beneficial for me. We talk about different aspects of my life and difficulties that I might be facing. Penelope has boosted my confidence and helped me to gently tackle one issue at a time… She has been instrumental in helping me to prioritise what I need to focus on. After a consultation with Penelope I feel lighter when I walk out the door as one by one I am putting my problems behind me… I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life and planning my future. Penelope has helped me to do this.


My coaching sessions with Penelope have been eye opening. She is incredible at helping to separate the wheat from the chaff. By relentlessly and razor sharply recounting my words, she helps me understand how other people hear my thoughts and consequently helps me to take responsibility in articulating my wants and setting my own goals. An amazing goal coach!


Penelope is a warm and engaging person, who is interested in people, she demonstrates her commitment to working with her client to achieve their goals. As a coach is supportive and is able to keep the work on track to make the sessions valuable