Hello.  I’m guessing if you’re here, you’re probably struggling with something and looking for help.  You might be dissatisfied with your work, or coming up for retirement and wondering what to do with it; you might be newly single or your children are leaving home (or refusing to).  Perhaps you’re experiencing confusion and unhappiness but can’t quite work out why.

You’re probably looking for change – to an external situation or a state of mind.  Possibly, you’ve been stuck for a while, locked in a kind of mental holding pattern unable to find the way forwards.  We will work together, bringing curiosity, intuition and perceptiveness to your current situation; we will look at the default responses that have been in place so long they’re part of the psychological wallpaper, responses that will have served you once but may no longer be useful, or worse, getting in your way.  Once we see and understand them, we can coax them aside and try out new ways of being that work for who you are now.

My foundation training in Transformational Coaching which I am now threading through with Compassionate Inquiry means I offer both a practical and psychological approach to your situation. I will bring curiosity, experience, wisdom and understanding plus a gentle challenge where it’s needed, to help you discover what is going on for you, what changes you’d like, and how to go about making them.

My sessions with Penelope surpassed my expectation. I couldn’t have predicted the impact our conversations would have on my ability to see where I wanted to go in my career, but also how my need to make those changes was bleeding into my personal life too.


Penny’s coaching has been invaluable to me, it has helped me gain clarity on a number of different issues both personally and in work. Having a neutral person who is able to ask the right questions has enabled me to move forward in some areas that I have previously been ‘stuck’ with. Taking the time every week to be coached has given me a fresh perspective on where I am and would like to be in the future. Thank You!

Helen Denny