N is for No!

I went for a swim this morning, around 6.45, catching the low tide.

The waves were crashing a bit, quite strong, following one quite quickly after another.

There was something rather sweet about it. It reminded me of an obstreperous toddler stamping their foot and shouting no! then fortifying their view with downright refusal to cooperate on bloody anything.

The sea was like that. Bolshy, almost knocking me over, pushing me west if I didn’t stand my ground.

Except I could stand my ground, or I could stand on the ground. I could jump with the biggest waves and as I went further into it, enjoy the undulations of the waves floating on my back. It was really fun.

The same sea a couple of hours later would be much more frightening, like this child’s behaviour at 16 or 40, would be horrible, frightening, to be around.

Can I extend this metaphor? Well, I suppose furious small children are more fun to manage if you keep it light, accept how they feel and go with the flow. Adults too, actually. The sea can’t help how it behaves and needs to be met with respect and acceptance while you prioritise your own safety and care. So, I think, do people, even those who seem to be out to do us harm. They’re working through, with, against their own currents and winds and weather systems. Acceptance and understanding is the way to go, while making sure you put your safety first.