Back to my alphabet and D is for dogs-in-clothes. I was intending to make these posts about Compassionate Inquiry and at the very least life coaching, but this is just a rant. I can’t stand dogs in clothes. Or not so much the dogs, but the fact they someone has got them dressed. I can make an exception for shivering whippets in old fashioned quilted coats, or even a waxed jacket. But enterprising little westies in grubby acrylic arun-style sweaters with four sleeves and a bum hole, bulldogs in camo waistcoasts, poodles in frocks – horrible. None of these dogs need clothes. In fact, I don’t have creds in the area, but I’ll go so far as to say they specifically need not to have clothes. Their own coats are designed for getting wet, getting dirty and, on the whole, getting cold. It really offends me – oh you’ve noticed.
Why do I care? What possible business is it of mine? Only that I’d like dogs to be who they are. Dressing a dog seems to me an attempt to turn it into something it isn’t in order to satisfy something (who knows what) in the human. You can see where I could go with this, but I’m going to leave it at that.
Take a look at how divisive the practice is, even amongst dogs.