My best selling coaching package is a six pack.  This is why it works:


Never underestimate the benefit of composting – yes the vegetable kind which worms and bacteria turn into dark crumbling nourishment and also the emotional and intellectual version.  When I’m writing, I often need to let a first, second, third draft settle, before its true meaning comes out.  In coaching, it’s critical to give time for an idea, a question, a revelation to hang around so you can feel into it and get a sense of its meaning.  Knowing you have sessions ahead of you, pre-booked and pre-paid, means you can relax confident you have somewhere to take this developing meaning.

2.  Strategy and Planning

While I’m not going to plan out the sessions beforehand – far from it – coaching is client led and we’ll deal with what you bring on the day – even so there is an element of flexible pre-thinking and strategy in the way I work, including ‘homework’ between sessions.  It’s hard to strategise without a time frame.

3.   Indecision

If you’ve come to coaching, you might be overloaded already and find making decisions hard.  Don’t burden yourself with another decision – do I need another coaching session, can I justify it, can I fit it in?  If it’s already in the diary and paid for, you can let that one go.

4.  What’s hiding in the shadows

You might have come to coaching because you had something specific you wanted to sort out – whether to move house, get a new job, waste less time, improve your relationship.  Very often wider stories will start making themselves known, patterns, narratives, stuck bits and pieces, and you find yourself discussing something you hadn’t even realised was there, but that seems to shed extraordinary light on your issue.  This is the job of coaching, and a package of sessions, six and then perhaps six more, allows you take this journey.

5.  The session you didn’t want or need

Sometimes you have a session in the diary, but you really want to cancel it because you’re feeling great, you haven’t got anything you want to talk about.  You’re done.  Coaching has worked and going again is a waste of everyone’s time.

Clients report (and I experience the same myself) that the sessions you don’t think you need often turn out to be the most productive and useful.  Surprise and serendipity turn up something shiny.  Even if one out of the six is like this, it’s worth it.

6.  The business of coaching

Six is better business for me.  Which in turn means it’s better for you.  If I know you’re going to buy six then I can afford the free introductory session; if I can see further than the next one or two then I can be braver; if I know you’ve signed up for the package, I can spend less time on marketing and more time on doing the actual job.