One of the things I love about this time of year (aside from having got Christmas and my birthday out the way) is how the evenings get noticeably lighter as do the mornings.

What a boring thing to say, I hear you mutter.  Obvious, dull, doh.  It is, and that’s the thing. I must have found myself in at least five conversations already this year about lighter mornings and longer evenings (none, I hasten to add, started by me).  Which leads me to observe that even though we know it’s going to happen, and the older we get the more familiar it becomes, this change in day length and the shift in the quality of the light, is still refreshing and uplifting, and arrives, if not quite a surprise, at least as a gift.

In a world that is by its nature unpredictable and uncertain it is good to know that some things can be relied upon.  After midwinter, the dawn will come earlier and dusk later; we will mostly find it a relief, and whatever else is happening, politically, emotionally, personally, professionally, this simple observation will be worth remarking on.  That’s all.


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